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Trip to Italian town in India- LAVASA

Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure. Lavasa is the first planned Hill city of India. The city is a beautiful project, stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres. Lavasa is surrounded by rolling hills, clouds and seasonal waterfalls and full of green nature beauty.

As it was just an hour drive from Pune. And Lavasa was also close by. So we can stay in Lavasa without experiencing the hustle bustle. However, Hotels are pretty expensive. It was a beautiful experience. We spent the 2 days in Lavasa enjoying the cold days.

Weather: Maximum 32°- Minimum 13 °, Pleasant and sunny during the day

Approx. Cost for two: Rs 8000 to Rs 12,000

As you enter the city main gate, the first thing you will notice is how green and well maintained the surroundings are and that there are a lot of new construction happening. It is also known as the Lake city as most development has happened around the lake.

Lake side has open restaurants, flea markets, boat rides, street singers they have it all. Street singers are common in Lavasa during evening time and perfect way to enjoy your pleasant evening.

Till now lavasa city is reachable only by road, no air connectivity is planned till now. To enter into the city you need a driving license. Road’s inside the lavasa hill town are really really curvy.

Not a lot of options to visit Lavasa from Pune.

  • You need your private vehicle, 2) Government buses from Pune to Lavasa on particular timings, 3) Cabs Ola, Uber, etc.
  • Hired a Bike for a Day ( Rs.600/- charges for 1 day & Rs.4000/- refundable deposit )
  • 2 hr to 3 hr one way journey depends on your speed and experience riding bikes. Roads are in very good condition.. Cold, Rains, Fogg… (There is an entry fee to enter Lavasa city Rs.200/- for bike & Rs.500/- for Car)


Ask for discounts while booking hotels on the spot.

‘Bakarwadi’ & ‘Misal Pav’ are famous snacks in Pune.

Leave early morning while travelling to Lavasa.

Best season to visit Lavasa is Rainy season.

Carry a raincoat if travelling on bike.

Location and weather of Lavasa First Hill Green City is simply awesome, its located on the bank of river baji pasalkar just behind the varasgaon Dam. Lavasa has won several awards for its plans and designs.

Waterfall Safari

The best time to enjoy the Waterfall Safari at Lavasa is during the monsoon season. This is a 4-hour drive through Mugaon, Dhamanhole and Dasve with stopovers at main waterfalls of the area. During the drive, treat your eyes to the lush green surroundings. You also get a picnic basket with a mineral water bottle and munchies.



If you love water sports, you are going to love it here. When in Lavasa, you can partake in a number of water sports activities including cruise boats, Jet Ski, kayaking, bumper boats, pedal boats, ride in an inflatable and more.


Nature Trails

Lavasa proves to be the best place for you if you are a nature enthusiast. You can indulge in nature walks here, explore the beautiful scenery, the enchanting locations, enjoy the cool, pollution-free breeze etc.


Adventure Sports and Games Arcade

Lavasa is set against a green backdrop and has an undulating rugged terrain of the Sahyadris hills, offering ample opportunities to adventure enthusiasts.  You can take part in a number of activities such as trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, mountaineering, valley crossing, paintball, treasure hunting, backpacking campaign and so on. Enjoy every minute of your visit. Robin-self balancing joyride is the major attraction at the Games Arcade.


Parks, Gardens & Nursery Crèches

Searching for serenity, Lavasa it is. You can enjoy a leisure walk. Your kids enjoy themselves in the Kid’s park. Enjoy a picnic with your entire loved ones in the beautiful and well-manicured gardens. If you love plants, you can visit the plant nursery crèche to get a tip or two from the experts. You can also have a look at their apartments and villas.

Temghar Dam

One of the best sights in Lavasa is the Temghar dam. This is also the most visited attraction and the main source of water supply to the Pune city. When on the dam site, enjoy some extremely beautiful views of the green ambiance and the free-flowing water.


Mercure Lavasa

Offering a peaceful getaway. Mercure Lavasa is located in a scenic valley at Warasgaon Lake & surrounded by mountains. Easily accessible & positioned 2km from the Lavasa International Convention Centre, Enjoy free WI FI facility as well.

The Fortune Select is the most expensive with tariff between INR 5000-8000. It is large and affluent.

One Day Itinerary

You can simply go out to explore this city and enjoy the scenic views on your way. There is a lot that is planned for the city and will take some time to be executed.

Restaurants and Local Food in Lavasa

Why take a Solo Trip!

Going on a solo trip today will be a well-captured memory tomorrow. Trust me, you will have a great story to tell people, and you will cherish it forever. Many people live life, a normal one. But what makes a difference is taking time for yourself to make some wonderful memories so that you can share them with your grandchildren. Haha!!

In many places I traveled, it wasn’t common to see a woman traveling alone. As a result, I often had people looking out for me, whether it was catching the right bus or finding my hotel.

Trust me, Traveling by yourself is no longer taboo, or even scary for that matter.

Kindness of this little strange world!!

In Srilanka, I met an older gentleman on a bus who offered to take me sightseeing around Srilanka, because he love to show people around.

Travel companions are cool. You get to have a lot of interesting conversation along. But there are more things that will hold you back from doing what you want to do when you travel with companions. And you end up making a lot of compromises with your trip. So, you know who the best travel companion is? It is YOU. Sooner or later, it is good to know that most of the time in your life, you are going to be alone.

While people have been more than willing to help me out even when I have a travel partner, I like knowing that as a solo traveler, I’m bound to have interesting and unexpected adventures and meet some really great people — as a result of being alone. And it’s because of this that I’ll probably travel alone again and why I think that everyone should travel solo at some point, if only for a little while.

A solo traveller learns so much, not only about the world but themselves. They never feel the need to agree for ease or to keep the peace. They’ll have explored corners of the globe others haven’t even dreamed of and spent time in communities mind-blowingly different. Learning to adapt to new cultures becomes second nature and respecting other humans and their differences is a given.

You’ll have opinions about global issues, as you’ll have been there and experienced it, and not just read a second hand opinion.

You’ll be branded as a ‘know-it-all’ but your experience will mean you don’t care as you know the truth and you’re not afraid of sharing it. Expect a backlash!

You meet wonderful people on your way to the solo trip. And making new friends from different places and ethnicity will broaden your knowledge. You will know how big the life is and wealth of learning in the universe. You will get to know about your interpersonal skills. How good your communication skills are, and it will let you know if you lack something, and how you can improve it. It helps in your professional life too. Meet new people, eat different food, see diverse cultures, trekking, and all other adventures are real blessings for solo travelers.

You need to take the first step and think positive. It is not easy for the first time but quitting is not an option. So, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and this is the way to learn life. Hence the English proverb, when going gets tough; the tough gets going.

Solo trip is something that reminds all your senses that you are the leader of your journey. Live the present moment. It teaches you things that you wouldn’t have learned if traveled in a group or with a friend. Also, solo travel fits anyone, whether you’re single, in a relationship, extroverted, or introverted, and here are five excellent reasons why you should take it.

Taking the full responsibility of your life

Taking care of yourself in the distress times is crucial, and you can improve it by taking your first solo trip. Since it is going to be you on the way of your journey, all your senses get alerted. And you assume full responsibility for your life. It helps you understand and celebrate life in many ways. You will become more responsible for the decisions and choices you make in your life. And this lets you realize that whatever happens to you in life is because of your decisions and choices. So you need to choose them carefully. Self-awareness is important in life.

Solo travel is rarely lonely but you will learn to love being alone. That space to think and contemplate all those thoughts that may have flitted into your brain when you lived a ‘normal life’. That precious time spent in coffee shops in places you couldn’t communicate, just people-watching and grinning at the people who came to interact. Oh and the endless magical flight or bus journeys, which equalled un-guilty thinking, reading and learning time.

 More than that, solo travel gives you ultimate freedom. You wake up and it’s just you — what you want, where you want, when you want. In that freedom and infinite space of possibility, you meet yourself. You hit the limits of what you like and don’t like. There’s no one to pull you in any one direction or override your reasons. Want sushi? Get sushi. Want to leave? Leave. Want to try bungee jumping? Go for it.

Why take a Solo Trip?














From young professionals to retirees and everyone in between, it seems folks from all walks of life want to captain their very own adventure-ship without circumnavigating around someone else’s.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe.

Act like you are invincible.

Swallow your pride.

But don’t be cocky.

Research the local scams.

Don’t get too drunk.

“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.”
                                                                                                                          ―Ken Poirot

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