Meet the Founder

Kiran krishna


Its always interesting and fun to meet and discover new people, their life’s and thinking. I believe we can learn something from everyone. It is the most interesting, a honest way to meet new people and little world.

My wanderlust gives me direction. I found my path and I never looked back. I became a storyteller, a magnet to beautiful energies of people that would come into my life. My wanderlust taught me to listen to my heart when my mind goes into anxiety from certain things that do not work out. We all have our moments when things fall apart and we all have wanderlust to keep us dreaming. My wanderlust made my reality my dream and my dream my reality. When you ask me if I ever get tired? Ofcourse I do. I am human. But I have taught myself the ways to get back up on my own, sometimes it takes longer than usual, but that’s ok. Wanderlust can teach you so many things. At your worst, it lifts you up.They say the places you always want to visit defines who you are. To me, I am a different person in every destination. I fall in love with the person I am in every single location I am in. And that is what defines me.

I love meeting new people, sharing stories, experiencing new cultures, learning new skills, being spontaneous, going out of my comfort zone, finding new music, playing football, playing some more football, trying new food, travelling, hitchhiking, being challenged, going against the grain; i want to live a more open life.

The more I give in to my wanderlust, the more my bucket list grows.!.