Pearl of the Andaman Sea- Phuket

Phuket is a paradise for beach bums with its clear blue waters of the Andaman seas and pristine beaches to kickass nightlife and amazing local markers, with food from all parts of the world to suit your palate. Another advantage to phuket is its proximity to phi phi island and James Bond island. Do make sure you hit the bars at Bangla road for a night out.

Recommended trip is to phi phi island this one covers phi phi Leh, phi phi don, Maya Bay and monkey island every day trip comes with meals and water included, they cook awesome fresh meals that are good to savour Indian taste buds. Walk straight through the pier at phi phi don and explore the beautiful beaches on the other side and the Clear blue bliss. Do try the local cold stone ice cream made right in front of your eyes in markets along phuket .

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. The island is mountainous for most of its part with inundated plains at places and is truly gifted with clean cheesy white palm lined sandy beaches on the western shores of Andaman seas and numerous exotic and hidden islands strewn across the Pacific ocean. Azure blue warm tropical sea diffuse with jade green limestone islands creates a spectacular scenery with the mellow rays of departed sun procreate a magical aura and will definitely leaves you enchanted.

During our brief stay of three nights at Phuket, we hopped around some of its spectacular islands, relaxed on its sun soaked beaches and enjoyed the Thai food and nightlife.



What to do in Phuket: There are many things to do in Phuket if you stay for at least a week. Relax on its sun-kissed beaches and do some island hopping, cruising along the beautiful bays, white water rafting, snorkeling and scuba diving along the coral reefs, golfing at blue canyon and many more.



Islands of Phuket: There are many tropical islands dotted the Andaman seas and gulf of Thailand in the east, easily accessible within an hour or two by boat and each one of them offer unique and exclusive sight.






Beaches of Phuket: North of Phuket boast on many of its pristine and secluded beaches and laguna bays to spend an idle afternoons with family, or watch the beautiful crimson sun setting. Karon and Kata are two lovely beaches on the southern part of Phuket, lined with palm trees are quiet and peaceful retreat.



Where to stay in Phuket: If you are on a short trip (2 or 3 day stay) to Phuket then stay at Patong beach, easily accessible and the most happening place in Phuket, heavily concentrated with tour agents, shops, markets, pubs, night clubs, shopping malls, best sea foods and restaurants.


Where to eat in Phuket: Patong has some of the best dining destinations in the Phuket . A batter fried calamari rings  and day’s freshest catch from many of the eatery shacks along the beach road, all fresh and good food to satisfy your taste buds.

Transport cost: From Phuket airport to Patong beach costs us 600 thb and we booked the cab from the AOT limousine counter near the exit of the airport. Speed boat tour of Phi-Phi  cost us 1500 after negotiation. During the high season from February to April, most of the hotels and resorts gives good deals.



What we missed: Phuket FantaSea show on Kamala beach. Dubbed as greatest cultural theme park promises an ultimate night-time entertainment blending with magical illusions, pyrotechnics etc and encompass a carnival village – shopper’s paradise and a grand buffet.

In short, our three day vacation in Phuket was truly enchanting experience and Phuket is truly the pearl of the pacific.

It was the day booked for exploring Phuket on motorbike. We took bike on rent from our hotel @ just 200 bhat. Followed Google maps and the highway sign boards to reach places. There were many Buddha relics as well.


Phi Phi Island, Phuket 

Phi Phi Island, Thailand’s island-superstar can be reached either by a ferry or a speedboat from Phuket. I opted for a ferry as the top deck of the ferry doubles as a sundeck, great for a beach tan. The experience of being right under the sun, in middle of the crystal clear aqua blue sea, the ocean wind brushing your hair and Priceless!



The lower decks feature air-conditioned rooms and drinks and snacks are available on board. Phi Phi’s beauty is a large chunk of the allure. The islands when approached by boat, rise from the sea like a fortress, sheer cliffs tower overhead giving way to the beach-fronted jungle. It’s love at first sight. The ferry ride is the best part of the Phi Phi Island trip, as this 90 minute ride takes you through the most stunning and picturesque world of aqua blue waters, colorful tropical marine life and limestone cliffs.


The second part of the why-I-love-this-place story is Attitude: few places on the planet are this laid-back.  There’s no schedule, no hustle-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry just relax by the beach and live in its beauty.

A perfect example of a day at the beach restores one’s mind and soul.


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  1. Catherine

    Hi Kiran, Can you please give me more information about how to reach to Phi Phi island?

    • travelagram

      Hi Catherine,

      Please take a ferry or speed boat from Phuket. There are ferries and speed boats every day morning that takes you to phi pi island and James bond island.

      I hope this information is helpful.

      Thank you.

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