Keeping in mind the duration of the trip i choose Singapore to be my destination. So on 23rd November 2017 i was marching towards the Terminal 3 carrying along my luggage and the frenzy of a maniac (travel maniac to be precise).

This quaint trip was a one of a kind experience which taught me so much, Opened up a whole new phase of traveling to me and most important brought me closer to my inner self. I constantly did bump into solo travelers like me, we did chat a bit and then for the next day we had plans to roam around together.

On my first day, went to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, an architectural feat comprised of three towers topped with a boat-like rooftop pool and restaurant terrace. It’s a great way to get a feel for the city, from the skyscraper views on one side to the garden views on the other.

This trip i would say became a memoir to be cherished by me forever due to many reasons. One of the main reason of which was that Singapore is a very safe not only for its citizens but also for tourists (i mean i use to roam around in streets till midnight without any fear) and the warm people of this country always welcome you with a smile. Due to its small geographical size this country can be easily mapped in 8 to 10 days. Some of the more positive aspects for a traveler were:

  • Convenient public transportation.
  • No language problem as everyone here understands English.
  • Availability of various types of cuisines to try.
  • People are warm, friendly and helpful.
  • You can do tax free shopping!!!

I really hope to visit this country of joy and glamour soon again.

Here, There, Everywhere

Whizzing around Singapore can take a matter of minutes, thanks to one of the world’s most efficient and widespread public transport systems. Hankering for a roti parata breakfast in Little India, but want to visit the temples in Chinatown before lunch? No problem, you’ll be there in a jiffy using the sparkling MRT system – and why not stop at Marina Bay for a spot of shopping on your way? Plus, with new metro lines opening practically every two years, this tiny island just keeps on becoming easier to explore.

Singapore has a brilliant system of public transport and with its MRT trains and local buses, you can get anywhere you want. The best idea is to buy an EZ Link Card, a travel card that you can keep topping up in order to travel around the city. It covers both the MRT and the public buses. Additionally, you could easily flag taxis, all of which are thankfully metered.

Mustafa Centre

If your are looking for cheap stuff. This is the charm of Little India. The collection is unlimited and you have a myriad of options in watches, clothing, electronics, shoes, perfume, jewelry, furniture, books, souvenirs..aah! the list is endless. The highlight of Mustafa Centre other than its collection and affordable price is that this market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa is all about having a good time and the island’s fantastic hotels, upbeat restaurants, hip lounges, fascinating theme parks, glitzy casinos and an overwhelming number of water activities are all proof of that fact. Let your hair down and indulge in all the fun in the world.

In order to get to the hallowed island of Sentosa (essentially a part of Singapore as its island resort), you could easily take a taxi, the MRT, a shuttle bus or the ‘Sentosa Express’ from Singapore. Admission to the island costs around $3 per person and all internal transport around Sentosa (tram/bus/monorail) is free.

Universal Studios Singapore,Singapore

No trip to Sentosa Island is complete without spending an entire day at the Universal Studios, a Hollywood themed park which is an experience like no other. The 24 fun rides will thrill you in unparalleled ways and you might just feel like a part of an elaborate action movie. There’s a reason why Singapore tourism uses this park as a major drawcard.

It has the largest alfresco rooftop bar in the world

Sitting on the roof of the soaring skyscrapers of One Raffles Place is 1-Altitude, which puts just a shoulder-height glass wall between you, your Singapore Sling and the 282-metre drop to the ground. But you have to have good weather, as the bar is a lightning rod during bad weather. Lucky they have the exclusive, indoor Altimate bar just a floor below.